Not much change in the mustard markets during the past week. Some concerns have crept into the market about dry conditions in some mustard growing areas, but not enough to affect the markets quite yet. Showers and rain have been forecast to move through some of these dry areas next week. The picture should become little clearer as we move forward. Carryover is still on the heavy side, but we should watch weather going forward. Attractive new crop mustard options are still available. Brown has triggered at 35 cents, on par with yellow, while oriental remains at 33 to 34 cents/lb FOB farm for full crop year movement. These are Act of God contracts and picked up in the yard. Spot mustard is stable at 30 to 31 cents on yellow, 28 to 29 cents on oriental and as high as 36 cents in some trades on brown. Call the office for a variety of different movement options for all new crop contracts and talk to your merchant.

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