This year chickpeas have been the most profitable crop that has been put in the ground. With new crop still sitting around $0.52 /lb for a #2 quality with discounts available to be locked in on lower grades, growers can lock in some very profitable numbers for the fall of 2017. Those new crop pricing opportunities also come with an act of God clause and are based off of picked up on farm numbers for September to December movement. As for old crop, it has been trading at $0.65 /lb for a #2 price as a FOB farm bid across the board on sizing with some max allotments on the 7mm and smaller sizes. Buyers are looking for all grades currently and high green count and damaged product is still very aggressively priced. If you still have some product left unpriced in the bin, we can figure out a price for you based on your quality and amount.

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