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Grain Marketing

What we do

  • Facilitate trade of uncleaned bulk commodities between buyers and sellers.
  • Provide real time market info for sellers and buyers of commodities.
  • Actual opportunities to sell product to qualified buyers.
  • Access to trust account to provide extra protection for buyers and sellers.
  • For selected clients, an interactive consulting service to ensure their viability and as well their increased return by good planning and creative, timely merchandising.

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Grain Producer
Basic Online Subscription

Grain Commodity Prices

Updated daily, you will have access to a full list of prices for commodities grouped into regions

Grain Classifieds

Do you have grain to sell? Post it to our online system and our registered grain buyers will have the ability to request to purchase your grain.

Market Letter

Get an inside perspective on the grain market, where we think prices are going and other grain farming advice.

Grain Alerts

Receive email alerts when a grain buyer comes out with a new price on a commodity you’re interested in. Great way to stay current with the market.

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Grain Producer
Advanced Online Subscription

Includes all features of our Basic Package +

Grain Offers

A step up from a grain classified, you can post your grain at a target price and have our grain buyers purchase that grain.

On Farm Grain Inventory

Keep track of all your bins, what you have in them and how much of it is sold. Excellent tool to help organize your biggest asset, your grain.

Land Manager

List all the land you have, what you’ve planted and keep track from year to year.

Crop Planner

Need to calculate if you’re making a profit with the grain you’re planting. Use our crop planner to ensure you’re making the right decisions.

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Grain Buyers
Domestic Purchaser, Processor or Feed Lot

Grain Offers & Classifieds

View listings of available grain from grain producers and make offers to purchase product.

Bid to Purchase Grain

Place a bid to purchase a certain amount of a specific commodity. Alerts will be emailed to interested producers and producers can view and accept your bid.

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Grain Buyers

Includes all features of Domestic Purchaser


This buyer must be pre-approved and method of payment established before being able to bid on product, but will have access to the web site, inventories and trading information.

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