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Rayglen has access to many different types of pedigreed and non pedigreed seed. Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds.

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Recent Commodity Bids

Brown Mustard

July 7, 2020

Movement: FOB Farm Sept – July 2021
Contract Type: Production with act of God
Area: All Areas
Grade: #1

$0.32 /lb


July 7, 2020

Movement: FOB Farm Sept – Dec
Contract Type: Production with act of God
Area:  All Areas
Grade: Sound Quality

$0.26 /lb

Large Green Lentils

July 7, 2020

Movement:  FOB Farm July
Contract Type: Spot
Area: All Areas
Grade: #2

$0.31 /lb

Rayglen News

Providing you with up-to-date market prices and industry news.

Rayglen Market Comments – July 8, 2020

As we know, pea acreage numbers remain fairly neutral in total acres, with green peas seeing an increase in plantings and yellows decreasing. Green peas were trading at favorable values which pushed the decision for more greens to be planted this year. Overall, our new crop values are steady, but we saw old crop values […]

July 8, 2020

Rayglen Market Comments – June 30, 2020

Pricing remains elevated for old crop milling oats at $4.65/bu delivered in. These prices should maintain as long as the demand is still there. If you’re looking ahead to new crop, $3.50 – $3.60/bu delivered into Manitoba is the going rate right now with the latter for pushed out movement into 2021. We continue to […]

June 30, 2020

Rayglen Market Comments – June 24, 2020

Canola took a little dip in price the last few days but has s rebounded quite nicely this morning. As we write, July futures sit at $474.20/MT. This puts spot bids on canola around $10.33/bu delivered assuming a $20/MT under basis level. Recently, depending on delivery location, basis levels do fluctuate quite drastically so it’s […]

June 24, 2020