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New Articles

Rayglen Market Comments - September 2, 2015

Mustard has remained strong all week. Yield reports are coming in now, and as expected, good in some areas and downright bad in dryer areas of the province. Overall our Saskatchewan production will be dramatically lower on all mustards this year, so we are expecting good pricing opportunities in general all year. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - August 26, 2015

Hopefully harvest is progressing nicely in your area. Combines and swathers have been busy in the last couple weeks, however not in the canary crops. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - August 19, 2015

The pea market has been looking ok on the yellow side of things as harvest pressure has not really kicked in and opportunities to sell product at better levels than we saw through the summer months. Bids are floating around at $9 to $9.50 delivered plant depending on your area for the yellows right now. The yield reports coming in are that the later crops are a little bit better yielders than the earlier ones have been but overall this has not sounded like a huge crop in most areas ...

Rayglen Market Comments - August 12, 2015

The yellow pea market still remains a pretty big premium to greens as the yellows are currently priced anywhere from $1.50 to almost $2/bu higher right now. That being said there is not a lot of trading happening on the yellows as there is not much left in the bins. The new crop has come off a bit and early reports are of a less than bumper crop so we may still see some continues support for the yellows and not the normal harvest pressure on prices. ...

Canadian Farm Fuel and Fertilizer: Prices and Expenses - August 6, 2015

Production and profitability in the primary agriculture is highly dependent upon fuel and fertilizer. Figure 1 shows the components of 2013 Canadian farm operating expenses. Fuel and fertilizer costs accounted for 18% of total Canadian farm expenses, or $7.7 billion (bln). For every one cent per litre increase in fuel prices, Canadian farmers' annual machinery fuel bill increases by about $27 million (mln). ...

No Market Comments This Week - August 5, 2015

All of our staff is away from the office doing crop inspections this week. Check in next Wednesday for up-to-date market comments. Thanks. ...

Recent Commodity Bids

  • 2015-09-04

    Lentils - Small green

    Movement: FOB August - September, 2015

    Area: All Areas Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.35/lbGrade: #1 Canada

  • 2015-09-03

    Lentils - Large green

    Movement: FOB September - October, 2015

    Area: All Areas Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.41/lbGrade: #2 Canada

  • 2015-09-03

    Lentils - Large green

    Movement: DELIVERED October - November, 2015

    Area: South Central Sask Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.39/lbGrade: #2 Canada