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Kugler Foliar Fertilizers

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Looking for an effective product for the upcoming year? Rayglen has glyphosate available with on farm delivery. Call for more details!

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New Articles

Situation and Outlook Report for Principal Field Crops in Canada - April 2014

The report outlines the supply and demand situation for the current crop year, 2013-14, and the 2014-15 crop year which starts on August 1, 2014 in Canada. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - April 16, 2014

Flax prices have gotten a little stronger this week on the old crop side of prices as a few more buyers come back into the market on what is looking like fairly tight stocks going forward. ...

Kugler Fertilizer Info Pack

Click here to see more about the exciting Kugler Fertilizer products! ...

Rayglen Market Comments - April 10, 2014

Canary exports continue to hold pace over last year's numbers. The 20 cent range price for spot canary continues to be tossed about the province. ...

USDA Special Alert

Information courtesy of Commodity Information Systems, Inc. For more information, Email:, Phone: 800-231-0477, or website: ...

Rayglen Market Comments - April 2, 2014

The lentil market has been holding strong this past week. We have seen some new crop red lentil offers trigger at 20 cents in select areas with a full Act of God. If ...

Recent Commodity Bids

  • 4/21/2014

    Wheat - Feed, 58lbs and dry

    Movement: FOB April - May, 2014

    Area: Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $3.90/buGrade: Feed

  • 4/21/2014

    Mustard - Oriental

    Movement: FOB April - May, 2014

    Area: All Areas Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.27/lbGrade: #1 Canada

  • 4/21/2014

    Peas - Yellow

    Movement: FOB May - July, 2014

    Area: Southeast Sask Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $6.00/buGrade: #2 Canada