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Rayglen has access to many different types of pedigreed and non pedigreed seed. Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds.

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Recent Commodity Bids

Brown Flax

Jan 23, 2019

Movement: FOB Farm Sept – Dec 2019
Contract Type: Production with Act of God
Area: All Areas
Grade: Milling

$12.50 /bu

Large Green Lentils

Jan 23, 2019

Movement: FOB Farm Sept – Dec 2019
Contract Type: Production with an Act of God
Area: All Areas
Grade: #2

$0.21 /lb

Maple Peas

Jan 23, 2019

Movement: FOB Farm Feb – Mar 2019
Contract Type: Spot
Area: All areas
Grade: #2

$16 /bu

Rayglen News

Providing you with up-to-date market prices and industry news.

Rayglen Market Comments – January 16, 2019

We are at the Saskatoon Crop Production show this week.  Market comments will return next week.

January 16, 2019

Rayglen Market Comments – January 9, 2019

Aside from maple peas, the pea market has not seen much change over the past week. Market prices on yellows are seeing $7/bu FOB in areas but, is freight sensitive. There is an opportunity for those in the South East of Saskatchewan at $7.25-7.50/bu picked up, however, movement is in the spring-summer timelines. Green peas […]

January 9, 2019

Rayglen Market Comments – January 3, 2019

The oat market has not fluctuated in price, with both feed and milling markets remaining firm. Feed buyers have entered the market looking for oats and in some cases are paying upwards of $2.75/bu FOB the farm on a good quality feed. That being said, for producers that are out of the freight wheelhouse for […]

January 3, 2019