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NEW! Rayglen Logistics Division!

These days it seems it's just as hard to get your crop out of the bin as it is to get it into the bin. Rayglen Logistics can help! Whether it be farm to rail, farm to facility, or farm to farm, we have the knowledge and resources to help deliver your crop to where it pays.

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Do you have access to a producer railcar spot or trans-loading facility?

Call Rayglen for the best available bids with reputable buyers.

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Looking for options to move new crop?

Call RAYGLEN today to see who has the space you need.

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Want more information on our New Logistics Division?

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Canadian Principle Field Crops - January 2015

This report provides an update of December's outlook for the current crop year, 2014-2015. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - January 21, 2015

Flax prices are up from a couple of weeks ago. $13.50 picked up in the yard on old crop will now trade and new crop is holding strong at $12.00 FOB with an Act of God. China was the largest buyer of flax in November and that demand seems to be there again for now. ...

Kugler Meetings This Week

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Corn Special Alert

Information courtesy of Commodity Information Systems, Inc. 2015 (800)231-0477. ...

Crop Production Merchant Schedule 2015

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Rayglen Market Comments - January 7, 2015

Chickpea markets are quiet as we enter the New Year. The early Australian pulse production outlook was positive, based on early plantings and adequate moisture in many areas. ...

Recent Commodity Bids

  • 2015-01-26


    Movement: FOB January - February, 2015

    Area: western sask Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.25/lbGrade: Sound Quality

  • 2015-01-26

    Mustard - Oriental

    Movement: FOB March - May, 2015

    Area: All Areas Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.30/lbGrade: #1 Canada

  • 2015-01-26


    Movement: FOB January - February, 2015

    Area: Northwest Sask Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $3.50/buGrade: Feed