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New Articles

Rayglen Market Comments - September 30, 2015

Farmers are gearing down to get the rest of their crop off, most of which praying we don’t see another late season rain so they are able to get things wrapped up in the next couple weeks. Oats has seen little to no change in the past week, we are still seeing oat values around $2.35/bu FOB farm, which hasn’t prompted much to hit the books. ...

Canada Principal Field Crops - September 2015

Despite the major decrease in production and supply from the exceptionally high levels in 2013-14, exports increased for grains and oilseed (G&O) and for pulses and special crop (P&SC) due to strong demand. Total carry-out stocks of field crops decreased by almost 28% to 14.2 million tonnes (Mt), due to lower supply and strong demand. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - Semptember 23, 2015

The question this week is: how long can the flax prices hold at current levels? Flax has been a hand to mouth market lately in the $12.50-$13.00 range. However, with sharp declines in US flax prices because of their large crop, Canadian prices could shadow the bids once we seen an advance in harvested acres. The current elevator values for flax in the US are around $7.50-$8.00/bu, which reverts back to $10.00-10.65 per bushel in Canadian dollars. Demand from the EU for Canadian flax will also be reduced because of record production in Russian and Kazakhstan, as long as Kazakhstan flax can be harvested on time. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - September 16, 2015

The Red Lentil market has flattened over the past week now trading at $0.32 to $0.34 range for a No. 2. It seems that the buying pressure has eased for the time being. Markets do not seem to be effected by recent weather conditions. Large Green Lentil No.2 bids have taken about a two cent drop this week. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - September 9, 2015

The Red Lentil market seems to have settled for the time being as bids have stabilized over the last couple days at $0.32 to $0.33 range. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - September 2, 2015

Mustard has remained strong all week. Yield reports are coming in now, and as expected, good in some areas and downright bad in dryer areas of the province. Overall our Saskatchewan production will be dramatically lower on all mustards this year, so we are expecting good pricing opportunities in general all year. ...

Recent Commodity Bids

  • 2015-10-01

    Lentils - RED, Small

    Movement: FOB October - December, 2015

    Area: North West/Western Sask Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.37/lbGrade: #2 Canada

  • 2015-09-30

    Lentils - RED, Small

    Movement: FOB October - December, 2015

    Area: All Areas Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $0.36/lbGrade: #2 Canada

  • 2015-09-29


    Movement: FOB September - October, 2015

    Area: Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $3.70/buGrade: Feed