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NEW! Rayglen Logistics Division!

These days it seems it's just as hard to get your crop out of the bin as it is to get it into the bin. Rayglen Logistics can help! Whether it be farm to rail, farm to facility, or farm to farm, we have the knowledge and resources to help deliver your crop to where it pays.

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Do you have access to a producer railcar spot or trans-loading facility?

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New Articles

Canada Principal Field Crops Report - November 2014

This report is an update of the October outlook report for crop year 2014-2015 in Canada. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - November 19, 2014

Little change this week on the canary seed outlook. Our bids have still been sitting around 25 cents for delivery in the next couple months. Seasonal tendencies would suggest this price should rally as the marketing year goes forward and with enormous exports posted in august and September, it’s hard to make a case that this seasonal tendency shouldn’t happen again this year. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - November 12, 2014

Lentils bids are mostly sideways again this week. Red lentils and #2 large greens are trading at 30 cents picked up. Small green lentils are off their high from harvest but also remain strong with indications of 28 / 26 cents for a #1 / #2. The initial run for lentils seems to be over, but we could see prices move if there is a need to fill some railcars. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - November 05, 2014

We are seeing some price strengthening in the oats market as of late as a few railcar prices have popped up around the $3 range again for growers that can load a car. We have heard reports of still a few small jags of oats out in the field in a few areas in the northeast but most product has been cleaned up at this time. ...

Rayglen Market Comments - October 29, 2014

What a week it has been for canola! Over the past few days we have seen the futures jump roughly $30/MT with November ending the day at $444/MT and January at $431/MT. This puts spot prices at $9.40-$9.60/bu FOB farm in the right location. Is this a sign of canola prices starting a slow climb back to the top? ...

Rayglen Market Comments - October 22, 2014

A nice change for the Canola market this week after posting gains of almost $11 today, which surpasses any losses earlier in the week. November futures have settled at $414/MT, up about $2.00/MT from the same time last week while January ended the day at $417/MT about a buck higher than the week before. ...

Recent Commodity Bids

  • 2014-11-18


    Movement: FOB November - December, 2014

    Area: Northwest Sask Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $3.10/buGrade: Feed

  • 2014-11-18


    Movement: DELIVERED November - December, 2014

    Area: Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $3.00/buGrade: Feed

  • 2014-11-18

    Wheat - HRS

    Movement: DELIVERED January - March, 2015

    Area: Contract Type: Spot Purchase

    $4.00/buGrade: Feed