Flax prices are a little softer this week with $12.50/bu delivered trading on #1 quality. Milling quality flax is still holding at $12.50/bu picked up in select areas. New crop prices are quiet this week, with little to no buyers interested. If there is any old crop yellow flax still on farm, $15.00/bu picked up in most areas should work. We are seeing bids on new crop yellow flax in the $13.25/bu delivered range. Flax volumes to the US were up slightly the last couple of months, but still well behind the average. Demand from Europe is trailing from last year, which leaves China as the dominant buyer. However, we are hearing of stockpiles of flax in China from recent Russia exports. For those with spring thrashed flax, we do have markets. Keep in touch with any moves in the market during this time of year with our email or text alerts.

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